The Average Size of an Entry Door

What Is The Average Size of an Entry Door

If the existing door on your home’s exterior isn’t doing it for you anymore, you might be considering getting a replacement. But there’s a lot to consider when selecting a new main entry door to ensure it’s right for your home. You want it to have curb appeal, but you also need an exterior door with a good energy efficiency rating. You want it to let in plenty of natural light, but you also need it to comply with local building codes. And most importantly, you want to select the right size door that will fit naturally with your home’s setup.

So, what is the standard front door size? How do you consider all the factors involved in your home and entryway to calculate the ideal exterior door size, and how do you choose from all the different styles of entry doors? Read on below to find out.

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What Are Egress Windows?

What Are Egress Windows?

If you’ve recently finished the basement in your home, congratulations! Having a finished basement can greatly add to the available space and value of your home.

However, you probably learned a little about building codes and heard about egress windows along the way, and now you have plenty of questions about these unique windows:

  • What are egress windows?
  • Why do or don’t you need them
  • What are the current egress window requirements?

We have the answers to all your most pressing questions! Read on to learn everything you need to know about getting new egress windows!

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Clean Windows Without Streaks

Clean Windows Without Streaks

When a professional comes to clean your windows, do you ever wonder what’s in that magic bucket? What are they using to produce such perfectly clean windows without streaks? Why do my windows have streaks after window washing?

The good news is that getting perfectly streak-free glass is not as mysterious as you think. It’s easy and affordable as well to apply a solution that doesn’t streak as well; you just have to know the right products and techniques that cleaning companies use every day.

Follow this guide to ensure that all the windows in your house come out streak-free every time.

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Modernize Your Home

12 Reasons to Modernize Your Home with New Patio Doors

Upgrading your home with new patio doors can work wonders for the efficiency, aesthetic and overall value of your home.

Commonly referred to as garden doors, patio doors offer a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor living spaces with a number of surprising benefits.

While often sought after for its natural lighting and aesthetic value, patio doors contribute to a number of overlooked benefits that can improve your quality of life.

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Important Questions for Contractors

8 Important Questions to Ask Windows and Doors Contractors

The time has come for a window or door replacement on your residential home – maybe you’ve noticed a crack in the glass and a build-up of condensation, or maybe you’ve noticed a steady increase in your monthly energy bills – either way, you’ve deduced that the time for a replacement is now.

Like most home improvements and renovations, thinking about where to begin can be daunting and overwhelming. On top of that, you haven’t replaced your windows and doors in many years, if at all, and you’re not really sure what you should be asking or looking for.

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Popular Framing Materials

6 Of the Most Popular Window Framing Materials

When the time comes to replace your home windows, one of the biggest decisions you are going to have to make is picking out a material for your window frames. You may have spent a lot of time envisioning how you will adorn your windows (what types of curtains or blinds you will choose, etc.), but if you’ve never given frames much thought, you may be wondering how big of a decision this really is, or how many material options you really have.

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Replace Home Windows

The Top 8 Telltale Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Home Windows

Feeling a bit of a cold draft in areas inside your home, but chalking it up to a minor inconvenience and throwing on a warmer sweater? While it can be tempting to skip out on home improvements and renovations for as long as possible due to the monetary investment required, at some point, the time comes when ignoring the issue proves itself to be more costly than dealing with it on time. 

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