8 Energy-Saving Benefits of Double-Glazed Window Replacements

In this article, you will learn:
1. When to Replace Your Residential Windows
2. The Difference Between Single- and Double-Pane Windows
3. 8 Energy-Saving Benefits of Double-Glazed Window Replacements

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Over the past decade, double-glazed windows have become the leading choice in window replacement options for many Canadian households.

With modern advancements in window technology, double-glazed windows provide affordable solutions to many of the efficiency problems caused by outdated single-glazed windows (such as air leaks, temperature inconsistencies, risk of water damage, expensive energy bills and more).

At Simpson Windows and Doors, we pride ourselves on over 25 years of experience in residential window services. To help you find the optimal balance between value, aesthetic and energy-efficiency for your next residential window replacement, the following article will identify when it might be time to replace your windows, the difference between single- and double-pane windows and 8 energy-saving benefits of choosing double-glazed windows for your home:

When to Replace Your Residential Windows

Wondering if your home needs a window replacement?

While we highly recommend that homeowners maintain a frequent home inspection routine, any combination of the following concerns might indicate that your home is ready for a window replacement:

Age of Existing Windows
– Windows are 15+ years old

Existing Damage or Safety Risks:
– Chips, Cracks or Discolouration on Window Glass or Frame
– Drafty Rooms
– Condensation Between Glass Panes
– Mold or Water Damage Near Windows or Walls
– Unable to Open, Close or Lock Window

Energy-Efficiency Problems:
– Inconsistent Room Temperatures
– Expensive Heating and Cooling Bills

Outdated Style: 
Outdated Aesthetic Preferences
– Window Style Doesn’t Match The Architecture

The Difference Between Single- and Double-Pane Windows

The major difference between single-pane and double-pane windows is the number of glass layers held within the window frame.

Much like the name, single-pane windows contain one pane of glass that separates the indoor living space from the outside elements.

Unfortunately, single-pane windows are also commonly associated with heat loss problems due to their poor insulation capabilities.

Double-pane windows, on the other hand, contain two panes of glass that are separated by a space of dense gas (such as argon). This gas helps to slow the transfer of heat energy from entering and/or leaving your property, preventing it from impacting internal temperature regulation.

Often referred to as double-glazed and/or dual pane windows, double-pane windows have become a standard choice in helping Canadian homeowners maintain more energy-efficient homes.

8 Energy-Saving Benefits of Double-Glazed Window Replacements

Are you considering double-glazed windows for your next residential window replacement?

Here are 8 excellent ways these energy-saving windows can help to improve your property:

1. Increases Energy-Efficiency

Did you know that 87% of unwanted heat gain comes directly from your residential windows?

With the increased energy-efficiency of double-glazed windows, you can reduce your overall energy consumption by up to 24% during the cold winter months, and up to 18% during the summer!

While traditional single-pane windows can often lose up to 40% of your home’s overall heating capabilities due to inefficient insulation, updating to double-glazed windows can drastically reduce wasted energy usage and improve the integrity of your home.

2. Reduces Overall Energy Expenses

Energy inefficiencies may be difficult to identify to the untrained eye, but you will definitely notice any problems in your ongoing utility bills.

As inefficient windows can often waste a lot of energy, this problem can quickly add up in expenses if left unresolved for too long.

By upgrading your home with double-glazed window replacements, Canadian homeowners can save up to 22% of their annual healing and cooling expenses and save more money long-term!

3. Supports The Environment

Double-pane windows are an excellent way to make your property more environmentally-friendly.

By reducing your overall energy consumption, homeowners are able to reduce their carbon footprint by releasing less greenhouse gases into the environment.

While these windows have proven much more effective than their single-pane alternatives, homeowners may also be eligible for tax incentives for their eco-friendly home renovations!

4. Stabilize Indoor Temperature

Have you ever experienced noticeable differences in room temperatures throughout your home?

With added insulation between the glass panes, double-glazed windows are great at regulating interior temperatures.

By preventing hot and cold air from entering your home, internal temperatures can finally feel a bit more stable without the added pressure on your cooling and heating systems.

5. Increases Window Insulation

When comparing single- and double-glazed windows in terms of insulation – there is no competition!

As double-glazed windows are superior at preventing air from entering or escaping the home, upgrading from one to the other will make a noticeable difference in the comfort of your living conditions.

However, it is important to note that a window replacement can only perform as well as it has been installed, so be sure to work with a trusted professional who will understand the needs of your home.

6. Prevents Window Condensation / Water Damage

While window condensation may seem like a mild annoyance, it can actually cause more damage than you think.

When your windows are unable to sufficiently insulate against heat/air transference, the differing interior and exterior temperatures show up as heavy condensation across the window glass.

As this added moisture can soak into the window frames, walls and surrounding areas, it can also increase the risk of water damage and mold!

By increasing your home’s insulation with double-pane windows, you can better protect your property by preventing the risk of water damage.

7. Increases Noise Cancellation

Depending on where you live, the outside world can be noisy at times!

From railroad tracks and road traffic to noisy neighbours and birds, a single layer of glass is often not enough to block out the noise from beyond your walls.

By adding an extra layer of window glass, double-glazed windows provide exceptional noise-cancelling features to significantly reduce the outdoor noise pollution that filters into your home.

8. Increases Property Value

Updating your home with energy-efficient double-glazed windows is an excellent way to make your home more desirable to potential buyers.

From comfort and curb appeal to energy-efficiency and utility savings, double-glazed windows can actually increase the value of your overall property!

With the added benefit of a recent renovation, potential buyers will feel confident that the home will be well-protected for many years to come.

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If you are interested in learning more about your window replacement options, allow our team at Simpson Windows and Doors to help!

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