Hiring The Best Window Installation Company

Getting your window secured and installed correctly is extremely important when choosing a company to do it for you.

Any mistakes when installing can lead to weather elements like moisture, air, or insects getting inside, which can cause many issues, including raising your heating/cooling bills.

With so many window companies out there, it can be hard to track down the right one that gives you the best installation for a reasonable price and makes you feel secure about the windows you choose. 

Read on to learn about a few tips you should look at when selecting your window installation company. 


It might be easy to select the first good price you see, but knowing what comes included in that installation price is key to understanding what kind of service you will get. 

You get what you pay for, and that isn’t only about the style of the windows you choose. Having highly trained and skilled installers with years of experience is something you expect when you get your windows installed, so no mistakes happen. 

Alongside the installers, the windows you choose should have the latest and up-to-date standards in glass technology. 

Look for the following when you are getting ready to select your windows: 

  • Energy Star Rated Symbol 
  • Lo-E 190 Double Strength Glass with Argon Gas
  • Triple Weather-Stripping To Reduce the Risk of Air or Water Infiltration
  • Intercept® ULTRA Warm-Edge Spacers

All of these combine to be the peak of window glass technology. However, while selecting a window without these features might net you a lower price, in the long run, you can run into many problems that can cost you more money down the line to fix issues with the window.


Like anything installed onto a building, the outdoors are unpredictable, and issues can pop up down the road after the install.

You need an installation company that puts the customer first by offering a high-end warranty for replacement windows. The minimum a window that is being freshly installed should be covered for is 5-10 years, but the best window companies back their windows with a lifetime guarantee.

The added benefit of a lifetime guarantee is that if you are installing windows into a property you own, you can increase the property’s value if the lifetime warranty is transferable. That means when you are ready to sell; your potential buyers won’t have to worry about replacing windows in case of seal or hardware failure.

Selection & Style 

Everyone will have a different idea of what windows look good on the outside and inside during an installation. 

A good installation company offers a wide selection of styles and designs. Not only does the esthetics of the window matter, but many different homes and buildings were designed with older-style windows.

Your installation company can help you select an updated style that will work with your pre-existing window space. 

With many different types of windows out there, look for companies that offer the most popular designs, including: 

  • BAY & BOW WINDOWS — An excellent choice to increase space and natural sunlight
  • CASEMENT WINDOWS — Popular with vertically-shaped window openings; make a perfect choice for hard-to-reach areas
  • AWNING WINDOWS — Like casement windows these open with a crank but pivot upwards from the bottom instead. 
  • DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS — Ideal for homeowners who have AC units in their windows; these windows are the perfect shape for a safe, secure, and reliable fit
  • SINGLE HUNG WINDOWS — With a single lock, these windows have a lower risk of damage or failure, making them energy-efficient
  • SINGLE SLIDER WINDOWS — Without the use of springs, cranks, or pulleys, they have less risk for hardware failure, making them easier to maintain

These tips are what you need to look for when searching for the best window installation company.


What if 1 window install company offered everything above and a lot more? 

Simpson Windows & Doors Is the Only Install Company You Need

With over 25 years of experience installing and helping clients select their perfect windows, Simpson Windows & Doors has created a reputation for quality service without breaking your bank account.

We cover the entire process, from new window replacement, window frame removal, glass replacement, and a lot more.

All of our windows are 2020 energy certified that come directly from the most respected window manufacturers.

We have a vast selection of window designs and styles to choose from. We have worked with each style, and our technicians are thoroughly tested to keep up to date with the latest window designs.

The best part of buying and installing your windows with Simpson Windows & Doors is that all of our installations are supported by a Life Time Warranty that gives you the following:

  • Lifetime Coverage on Accidental Glass Breakage
  • Fully Transferable at No Charge (Warranty remains for lifetime of the product after being transferred)
  • Non-Prorated
  • Lifetime Coverage on Seal Failure
  • Lifetime Coverage on All Hardware

So when you buy and have use install a window for you, you can be sure that you are covered by one of the best warranty coverages in the window industry. 

Above & Beyond

At Simpson Windows & Doors, we don’t just want to follow the industry trends; we want to exceed them.

All of our installs use high-end quality materials that go above the norm to give you even more bang for your buck. 

With our industry-leading technology and fully customizable window selections, our trained technicians are pleased to help you find your perfect windows.

With Simpson Windows, you can always expect us to use the following in all of our installs: 

  • Proprietary evolv Glass Technology provides triple-pane thermal efficiency, keeping your rooms warmer by up to 29% above the industry average
  • The Owens Corning® Air Sealing Technology we use cuts drafts out by up to 24%
  • Patented EC TECH Technology produces cleaner and clearer windows meaning water spots are reduced by 99%; less cleaning for you
  • Energy Star rated windows that can save you up to 20% off your energy bills, and we offer foam insulation for frames to add that extra prevention of heat escaping

So whether it’s removing and replacing old windows, fixing an existing broken window, or just looking to remodel your home, Simpson Windows & Doors is your one-stop-shop for all window installations.

You can always expect excellent service, a competitive price, and a lifetime warranty with your purchase.

Visit our window’s page to learn more about us and experience the Simpson difference. 

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