6 Things to Consider When Replacing Windows On an Old House

You may have noticed after years of living in the same house that your home is not as efficient as it once was. Over time, your house’s components won’t perform their function optimally. Instead of waiting for age to deteriorate elements with critical functions completely, take the step and replace them. One element you need to keep an eye on is windows.

Older homes usually have single-paned windows that allow cold air to enter the house and make it chilly. This will make you turn the thermostat way up, causing you to use more energy and pay a higher bill. Their glass may have developed micro-cracks and weakened with time as well. To make sure you are living efficiently, you can replace your windows. Here are a few considerations you should keep in mind when tackling this project. 

Always Consider Safety

When doing DIY window replacement, you should ensure that you are wearing the correct protective gear and following the correct safety protocols to make sure you and those around you stay safe. One such measure you can take is wearing thick gloves and safety goggles when removing the old broken windows, as sharp shards can penetrate your skin, and small chips can even enter your eyes. When cutting the new window glass, follow the proper procedure, and if you are unsure, get it done by a professional.

If you choose to DIY, ensure your fingers are not near your drill bit and that you are going slow and steady. By correctly following safety procedures, you can complete the project smoothly without accidents and enjoy the perks of a new window. 

Clean the Window Frame

Removing the window glass is not enough when it comes to replacing the window. You will also need to clean the hardened compound along the frame before putting in the new glass. You can do this by using a putty knife to scrape off the hardened glue. It should come off in large chunks. When scraping off the old glaze, make sure not to remove parts of the wooden frame along with it, as such a mistake will create a troublesome situation when you install the glass. You will also need to take out the old screws used to secure the glass in the frame and clean those glazing points. Cleaning the window frame will make adding the new window much easier, and the result will be clean.

Board Up Your Windows

After removing your old window and waiting for new glass to arrive, you should board it up. By doing so, you prevent dust, debris, and drafts from continuously entering your house. In old houses, chances for infestation are already high, so you should be keen on following this step to keep insects out. Open windows can also attract robbers and thieves to your property, so make sure you board them up nicely.

Buy Better Windows

Old windows aren’t as efficient, safe, or optimal as sophisticated modern windows. Make sure you upgrade your windows’ functionality with their design. You have to see whether the frame you are buying is insulated and is designed to prevent air leaks. You may want to purchase glass engineered to last long and survive turbulent weather conditions. Consider the warranty that your new window comes with. All these considerations are vital, and you should prioritize researching and reading reviews on window frames and glass before purchasing. A good quality window should last you a long time while functioning correctly.

Properly Seal the Windows

After you have chosen your desired new windows, you must ensure you correctly place them in the frame. Many beginners falter at this step, so you might consider hiring a professional for the installation. With taking care of the process and keeping in mind a few extra considerations, you too can do a near-perfect job reinstalling windows. 

Firstly you want to warm the glazing compound with your hands because, when slightly warm, the compound is easier to form. If it is a cold day, you might even want to consider warming the glaze over a heater. This way, you will have to put in less effort, and the process will be more swift. 

Once you have formed the compound in shape, you want to be sure to push it between the glass and frame so that no gap remains unfilled. If you find any openings, just add more compound to those areas and smooth with a putty knife. Secure this seal with glazing points. A single window pane should have at least eight glazing points. Sometimes you might find that the screws are hard to hammer into the frame. Over here, you can use a rubber mallet to help guide them in. 

After you have made an adequate seal around the four corners of the window, you should clean the unnecessary glazing compound that may be present on parts of the glass. Clean this residue before it hardens; otherwise, it will become hard to remove, and in the process, you may even damage your new glass. Thankfully, the glaze does not dry quickly, so if you think your seal is not up to par, you can consider removing those areas and repeating the process. Not only will your windows look professionally done, but outdoor elements like cold air, dust, and insects won’t be able to enter your house. 

Let the Glaze Dry

After properly sealing your windows with a glazing compound, you should let them dry before going in with paint. Manufacturers recommend waiting for up to five to seven days. The time can vary depending on the compound used and the weather conditions. Once the seal is dry and hard, you can paint the seal and wooden frame with exterior-grade paint. To ensure no air enters your home and you have a tight weather seal, try to overlap only 1/16th of the window. This way, your windows will adequately function in keeping the cold air out, and the paint on the window will be barely noticeable to look messy. 


Replacing windows can sometimes be seen as unneeded if there is no physical damage to the glass, such as cracks. Many also avoid replacing windows because buying good quality new ones and getting them installed is expensive. However, installing new windows will save money in the long term as newer designs no longer require you to pay hefty bills and are much safer. 

Adding new windows can also allow you to add your signature to your house: by exploring the multiple colors and design options, you can add your personal touch and make your home reflect your personality.

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