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Make a Memorable First Impression With Our Wide Selection of Exterior Doors

Your front door serves as the focal point to your home, creating a lasting impression on every guest who visits. Beautiful and efficient, the doors you choose for your property will also play an important role in creating a solid, secure barrier for you and your family! With a new set of replacement doors, homeowners can enjoy the featured benefits of increased property value, optimized safety, improved energy-efficiency and much more.

From front entrances and storm doors to patio and garden doors – we carry a large selection of exquisite styles, colours and materials to suit a variety of personalities and needs. For added personalization, we also offer customized door options to integrate seamlessly with your interior décor!

At Simpson Windows & Doors, we pride ourselves on matching homeowners to the service, styles and energy-efficiency they deserve. Allow our team of professionals to find the best selections in door replacements to suit your overall style, property and needs.

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When is it Time to Replace Your Doors?

With quality materials, installation and routine care – exterior doors can last for decades! However, as time goes on your doors will begin to degrade and you may reach a point where it makes more sense to replace them than repair them.

As your exterior doors play a very important role in keeping you safe and comfortable within your home, it is also important to understand when it might be time for a replacement!

Here are 6 helpful tips to help you determine when to replace your doors:

Temperature Problems


Problems with drafts, heating or cooling can be a sign that your door is no longer performing well. As a result, your home will consume more energy to regulate, increasing your energy bills!

Outdated Style


If you feel that your front entrance is looking a bit outdated, a door replacement is the perfect solution. Increase your property value and curb appeal with a modern, energy-efficient door replacement.

Broken or Worn Out


Chipping paint and scratches may be passable, but extreme wear-and-tear can compromise the safety and energy-efficiency of your home. Keep your family safe with a reliable front entrance.

Structural Problems


While the door itself may be strong and durable, your safety relies on how well it functions as a whole. Broken hinges and/or locks create a major safety hazard and will need to be replaced.

Operating Problems


Operating your door should be easy to use and easy to trust. If you find that your doors are difficult to open or close, it may be a sign that your home is losing heat and compromising energy-efficiency.

Moisture Damage


As faulty doors allow water and moisture to enter your home, they also create a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Upgrading your doors can reduce the risk, protecting your health and property.

Browse Our Selection of Door Types and Materials

Renovating your front entrance with new exterior doors is an excellent way to increase property value, improve curb appeal, promote energy-efficiency and decrease overall energy expenses!

For over 25 years, we have been helping homeowners optimize their properties with our ENERGY STAR© rated door selections. With a wide variety of architectural styles, colours and materials to choose from – our collection of steel, vinyl and fibreglass doors are sure to fit every style and budget.

Whether you prefer a simplistic low-maintenance or fully decorative look - our extensive catalogue offers everything from glass designs, stain, paint colours, accessories, hardware and countless configurations.

At Simpson Windows and Doors, we are proud to offer the following selections in door types:

Exterior Doors:

Entrance Doors


The front entrance of your home is the first thing your guests will see when they visit. From style and durability to energy-efficiency and security, your front doors play a very important role!

Customize your preferred door configurations, materials and finishings to create a beautiful front entrance that you can enjoy coming home to.

Storm Doors


A storm door is the second, outermost door to a home’s front entrance. Often mistaken for screen doors, storm doors have retractable/interchangeable glass and screen panels that ventilate fresh air throughout the home.

Available in a variety of materials, colours and styles - storm doors have extra insulation to improve your property’s energy-efficiency.

Wrought-Iron Doors


Wrought-iron doors are a luxurious way to upgrade your front entrance with a sense of grandeur! Known for their beauty, prestige, security and natural lighting – wrought-iron doors showcase elaborate wrought-iron designs sealed between two pieces of tempered glass.

With a variety of styles to suit your creative expression, these beautiful doors create a unique and memorable impression!

From customization and energy-efficiency to strength and increased security, our doors are designed with your best interests in mind.

At Simpson Windows and Doors, we carry a large selection of exterior door options to fit the style, needs and budget of every homeowner.



Patio & Garden Doors:

Patio Doors


Patio doors are sliding glass doors that open into an outdoor living area. Also referred to as door walls, these convenient installations are commonly found in basements or rooms that open into a backyard or deck.

Sliding glass patio doors are an excellent choice to optimize the use of natural lighting while minimizing the amount of door space needed to get in or out.

Garden Doors


A beautiful alternative to patio doors, garden doors feature two panels where one is used as an entryway and the second is used for ventilation.

Available in a variety of styles and configurations, garden doors offer a great deal of natural light, ventilation and style to your property.

Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your home!

Our selection in patio and garden doors are designed to combine sunshine, style, security and energy-efficiency all-in-one.


Materials Used

Wood Doors


The most common material for exterior doors, wooden doors provide a traditional, handcrafted touch to your property through a variety of wood types, colours and finishes.

Steel Doors


With added strength, durability, insulation and minimal upkeep – steel doors provide an extra sense of security and peace of mind for you and your family.

Vinyl Doors


Affordable and energy-efficient, vinyl doors are easy to maintain as they do not flake, rot or degrade. Lightweight and insulated, vinyl is an excellent choice for patio doors!

Fibreglass Doors


With extreme durability, fibreglass doors provide security and efficiency with very low maintenance. They are also available in a variety of styles, textures and colours!

Industry-Leading Quality & Materials

Our selection of residential doors are sourced from industry-leading manufacturers within the market.

Made from top-quality materials in a wide variety of styles, colours, textures and configurations – our doors are designed with your best interests in mind! From classy and traditional to modern and ornate, our supplier catalogues offer the best in strength, durability and performance to suit the needs of every budget and aesthetic.

Browse our exquisite supplier catalogues for inspiration on your next door replacement project:

Dorplex Brochure Avanti Brochure

Our Door Installation Process

Replacing your doors can be a very exciting and overwhelming process. With so many styles, colours and materials to choose from, how do you determine which options are best for you?

At Simpson Windows and Doors, we are committed to personalized customer service from beginning to end.

STEP 1: Before Your Door Installation

  • Allow our trained professionals to help you determine your preferred style, materials and budgeting needs.

  • Choose from our wide selection of ENERGY STAR© rated door options (available in a variety of colours, styles, textures and configurations).

  • Our iInstallation team will measure your doorway to ensure that your door replacement order will be a perfect fit.

STEP 2: Door Installation Day

  • Our installation team will prep the area with a tarp to catch any debris that may fall during the installation process.

  • Allow our team to remove the old door and hinges to exchange them with the new, secure replacements.

  • Our installation team will insulate the door in its door frame for added support and efficiency.

STEP 3: After Your Door Installation

  • Following your new door installation, our team will clean up the tarps and any visible debris.

  • Allow our crew to remove the old door, hinges and debris from your property.

  • Enjoy the safety and efficiency of your brand new doors with Lifetime Warranty on Greenview Products!


Lifetime Warranty on Greenview Products

Protect your home with the safety, durability and energy-efficiency it deserves.

With industry-leading quality and performance, our door selections come with top-of-the-line manufacturer’s warranties, including:

  • Lifetime coverage on accidental damage.

  • Fully transferable at no cost – warranty remains for product lifetime after transfer.

  • Non-prorated.

  • Lifetime coverage on seal and hardware failure.

When it comes time to sell your home, your fully transferable door warranty can also serve as a great bargaining chip for your property value.

With increased energy efficiency and improved curb appeal, replacing your doors with a modern, energy-saving upgrade can provide a great return on investment.


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If you are interested in learning more about your door replacement options, feel free to visit our Barrie and Newmarket showrooms!

Learn more about your style and budgeting needs with the help of one of our trained professionals. From a complimentary consultation to a personalized, obligation-free quote - our team is always here to help.