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Are you looking for a reliable company to provide you with an honest quote and top-quality windows and doors services? Do you live in Uxbridge? If you answered yes to the above, we can confirm you’re in the right place!


For over 25 years, Simpson Windows and Doors has been servicing Uxbridge communities with a range of residential windows and doors services.

We have earned our status as one of the most reputable companies by ensuring honest and fair customer service interactions, using top-quality materials from leading manufacturers, employing trained professionals, and providing quality care well after we’ve completed your project.


Why Choose Us?

We are a family owned business, so we understand the importance of protecting your family and ensuring only the best when it comes time to renovate your home.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring us:

  • Consistently high-quality materials
  • Honest customer service interactions
  • 25+ years of industry experience
  • Qualified, licenced technicians who are fully insured
  • Competitive pricing
  • Numerous customization options and styles
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranties
  • Energy Star rating on all products

We’re Here to Meet Your Needs

When looking for a contractor, it is important to hire a team that is experienced and is able to provide a professional evaluation of your current windows and doors, and offer the correct service suggestions.

Hiring an inexperienced team could compromise the integrity of your beautiful home further, and turn your new investment into a greater expense down the line.

Throughout our years of experience, we have seen it all! We are equipped with the latest industry knowledge, in order to be able to provide you with the highest-quality service. We are well equipped to handle any type of situation; no project is too big or too small!

When it comes to protecting and upgrading your home, cutting corners to save a dime is rarely the best choice. If you’re looking for the highest quality window and door replacements in the Uxbridge area, look no further! We are happy to walk you through our process and provide you with suggestions and options that fit your needs, style, and budget.

Our services include:

  • Window installations
  • Exterior door installations
  • Patio & garden doors
  • Eavestroughs & siding
  • Soffit & facia

Past Projects Completed in Uxbridge

Past Projects
Past Projects


Professional Job and Cleanup

"Well our job is all finished. I want to thank everyone for such a professional job and cleanup. Adam, Justin and Paul were amazing and finished the eavestroughing and window installation without a hitch. Thanks to Adam for pointing out that the colour we had chosen was not the best match. He ordered the better choice and it was here on the job before they actually needed it. Thank you for not letting me put up the WRONG colour Adam."

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