Casement Windows in Barrie,
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Casement windows are a beautiful option for homeowners that enjoy simple and traditional elegance.

A popular window style in residential homes, casement windows are hinged at the side and open outwards to a full 90 degrees for exceptional ventilation.

The crank handle is used to open and close the window with relative ease, giving casement windows an airtight seal and increasing the energy-efficiency in your home!

As a highly efficient window, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep temperatures regulated - which will also decrease your overall energy expenses long-term.

With efficiency, durability and extreme versatility combined - casement windows can be placed in almost any room to offer increased air flow and a beautiful, unobstructed view. The accessible crank handle also make these windows an excellent choice for harder-to-reach spaces.

If you are looking for a traditional-style window with modern energy performance capabilities - casement windows make an excellent investment to the value of your home.


  • Fully Welded Sash & Frame
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • TRUTH™ Encore Folding Handle
  • Multi-Point Locks
  • Opens to a Full 90 Degrees

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Features & Benefits Of Casement Windows:

When deciding to renovate your home, casement windows have a wide variety of features to consider:


Casement windows are ENERGY STAR© approved as their airtight seals prevent water, moisture and air from entering your home.

In fact, casement windows are the second most energy-efficient windows next to fixed windows (which do not open for any air ventilation).


Our vinyl casement windows are built for strength and durability. With the inability to rot, crack, warp or decay - vinyl casement windows are at an advantage of lasting longer than their alternatives.

With minimal maintenance requirements, vinyl casement windows are created to last for many decades to come.


Opening outwards to a full 90 degrees, casement windows offer a great source of ventilation to the interior of your home. By opening the window with the crank handle, homeowners are able to regulate how much air can enter through the window at any given time.

When fully open, your casement window can also catch the passing breeze and direct it into your home for a boost of fresh air.


For added security, our casement windows are equipped with multi-lock points to ensure an air-tight, energy-efficient seal for your home.

Embedded right into the window frame, these lock systems provide enhanced safety for the peace of mind you deserve.


With TRUTH™ Encore folding handles, our casement windows are very easy to use!

These folding handles tuck neatly into your window frame for a clean and compact appearance. As this handle can be moved out of the way, you will never have to worry about it interfering with your blinds or window coverings.


Available in a variety of options and designs, casement windows can be customized to fit the needs of any style and budget.

From glass and frame materials to colour and texture - casement windows provide a classic elegance to the appearance of your home.


With selections for just about every style of decor, feel free to browse our supplier catalogue for full details:


Casement Windows: Inspiration Gallery

With over 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves on high-quality windows with industry-leading installation services.

From consultation to clean up, allow our team of professionals to provide reliable scheduling and installation services with every window we sell!

If you are interested in how casement windows might look in your home, feel free to browse through our inspiration gallery:

Casement Windows Gallery
Casement Windows Gallery
Casement Windows Gallery
Casement Windows Gallery

The Benefits Of Vinyl For Casement Windows

Selecting vinyl for your casement windows is an excellent way to make your home more secure, energy-efficient and valuable.

With a wide range of advantages, vinyl windows outperform their alternative materials (such as wood, aluminum and fibreglass) through the following key benefits:

  • 1. Budget Friendly

  • 2. Low Maintenance Requirements

  • 3. Available in a Variety of Colours and Styles

  • 4. Insulated/Energy-Efficient

  • 5. Lower Energy Bills

  • 6. Strength and Durability

  • 7. Clean and Modern Aesthetic

  • 8. Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Peeling

  • 9. Easy to Clean

  • 10. Leading Life Expectancy

  • 11. Improves Curb Appeal

  • 12. Increases Property Value

Lifetime Warranty

Transferable Lifetime Warranty

Protect your home with the safety, durability and energy-efficiency it deserves.

With industry-leading quality and performance, our window selections come with topof- the-line manufacturer’s warranties, including:

  • Lifetime coverage on accidental damage.
  • Fully transferable at no cost – warranty remains for product lifetime after transfer.
  • Non-prorated.
  • Lifetime coverage on seal and hardware failure.

When it comes time to sell your home, your fully transferable window warranty can also serve as a great bargaining chip for your property value.

With increased energy-efficiency and improved curb appeal, replacing your windows with a modern, energy-saving upgrade can provide a great return on investment.

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