Brighten Your Home with Patio and Garden Doors

Combining elegant design with convenience and energy efficiency, our patio and garden doors
are available in a number of different styles to complement any home.

Patio and garden doors are a beautiful way to maximize natural light in your home, improve its external appearance, and add a feeling of luxury.

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Increase Natural Sunlight

Studies have shown that natural light brings a lot of benefits. It illuminates your home and helps your brain produce chemicals that boost your mood and immune system, which keeps you healthier overall.

However, most homes don’t feature enough window real-estate for you to reap those benefits. Installing patio and garden doors can help to boost the level of natural light in your home.

Patio and garden doors have large glass panes that allow more sunlight into your space, ensuring it stays well-lit. They also give you a wider view of your beautiful yard so that you can enjoy the outdoors all year long while staying comfortable inside!

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Style and Design
We offer garden and patio doors in a variety of styles. When you visit our showroom, our staff can help walk you through all the available choices. Our wide selection can accommodate any style and personality, whether you prefer traditional or modern design.

Durability and Security
Our doors are sourced from top-rated manufacturers in the industry, and are made from top-quality materials. They provide security, so you don’t have to worry about the glass becoming an invitation to burglars, vandals, poor weather and other safety hazards.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency
Our glass doors don’t sacrifice energy efficiency, they improve it. All of our products are Energy Star rated and come out on top in terms of increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

Our doors work to restrict heat transfer, which means your home maintains a steadier temperature. Overtime you’ll notice you won’t have to keep adjusting your heating or cooling systems to keep your home comfortable, and you may even notice a decrease in your energy bills as well!

Customization Options
Our patio and garden doors are available in a number of different configurations and sizes to fit your specific needs. Every home’s needs are different, and we will work with you to design and install a product that works for you, and provides you easier access to your outdoor space.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

You don’t just have to take our word about the quality and durability of our patio and garden doors. We source from the best in the industry, and all of our doors come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that includes:

  • Lifetime coverage on accidental breakage.

  • Fully transferable at no cost – warranty remains for product lifetime after transfer.

  • Non-prorated.

  • Lifetime coverage on seal and hardware failure.

We offer reliable scheduling and installation with every patio or garden door we sell. We’ll ensure your new door operates smoothly, and it doesn’t end there – we pride ourselves on our courteous after-sale service.

If you would like to learn more about our patio and garden doors, our Barrie and Newmarket teams will happily assist you. We offer free quotes with each of our products. Stop by the showroom location nearest you or call us at 905-853-2519 today.

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